Drawing Up a Content Marketing Blueprint for Your Architecture Firm

Drawing Up a Content Marketing Blueprint for Your Architecture Firm

The good ol’ days of relying on word-of-mouth are behind us. In today’s digital age, architectural firms are catching up with the times and shifting their focus away from ‘traditional’ marketing strategies - and for good reason.

Digital marketing enables a fresh and dynamic way for architecture firms to reach new audiences. That’s why today, we’re helping you draw up a foolproof content marketing blueprint, showing you how high-quality content can reap high-end results for your architectural business.

Establish yourself as an authority

As an architecture firm, earning your client’s trust is of huge importance. Big projects bring big responsibilities with them, so portraying your business as an authority within the industry is key to winning a client’s confidence and ultimately their business.

We hear you, we hear you - “but what’s that got to do with content?”.

Thought leader based content is perhaps the most effective way of promoting your business as an industry authority. Why? It enables you to communicate your insights, knowledge and opinions on a range of contemporary industry talking points.

This allows you to assert your presence within relevant circles and portrays you as an industry leader by showing you’re actively staying informed and reacting to an evolving landscape.

Whether it’s a LinkedIn post in response to an innovative new project development or a blog post with expert insights on government planning reforms, stay informed and active online - and don’t forget to show it off!

Optimise your portfolio

When it comes to a digital presence, many architect firms have fallen behind. More often than not, this is due to your website serving a purpose similar to that of a simple business card - here’s who we are, here’s what we do.

Sure, that stuff’s important to have on your website. But you can do better.

Your website should be a showcase of your business and expertise - and your portfolio should be the main attraction.

Look to optimise your online portfolio with this in mind. Images should be high quality, not only to improve the general user experience (UX) on the site, but also to increase the likelihood of earning social shares and external coverage.

When it comes to the written content of your portfolio, a self-congratulatory overview of the project doesn’t quite cut the mustard. B2B audiences want transparency and authenticity, so instead focus on discussing the problems you came up against and the actionable solutions you provided.

Champion research

Arguably nothing can build your industry authority and reputation stronger than published research. Luckily for architects, there are many avenues you can explore here.

If you have the resources at your disposal, conducting studies and publishing white papers can quickly help build your notoriety within your sector.

Attaining this data doesn’t have to be a mammoth task either. If your architecture firm doesn’t have the resources to conduct external research, look instead to utilise the data you have to hand. Consider utilising information from past projects, for example, turning primary research into solid case studies.

The benefits here are two fold, First, any external coverage of unique data will help bolster your brand exposure. Secondly, this type of data-driven content is an effective way of further asserting your firm as an industry authority.

From increased referral traffic to a stronger performance in SERPs (search engine results pages), research and data can provide valuable content that drives engagement and genuine leads to your business.

Keep leads engaged

Speaking of leads, your content blueprint should never focus solely on new audiences. Instead, think about how you can use content to turn existing leads into paying clients.

Remember that not everyone who’s visiting your website is likely to need your services right away, but that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. Without the proper engagement, it’s easy for you to fall off the users’ radar and, as a result, lose their potential business.

To combat this, look to implement a way of collecting users’ email addresses. One way is to create exclusive content such as an ebook in exchange for the user’s contact


With a bank of email addresses at your disposal, consider sending regular updates such as newsletters. Keeping leads up-to-date on external company news and activity, as well as promoting the blog content and research papers discussed above will help to grow brand awareness and user engagement.

Do this successfully, and you’re sure to become the first port of call when your services are finally required.

Long story short, if your architecture firm doesn’t have a solid content marketing blueprint in place, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to obtain more business. Get in touch with Paragraft today to learn how we can help you create targeted and optimised content that drives results.