Simply Having A Pun-derful Christmastime: 50 Christmas Puns For Your Content


‘Twas a few days before Christmas, and staring at a screen,

A frustrated content writer, no content to be seen.

They scratched their head and racked their brain, but no words would come out, 

Searching for a Christmas pun, their audience would love, no doubt.

A Christmas gift, we gave to them, to spread the festive cheer,

This same present, we give to you, you can find it right here.

Fifty puns for Christmastime, too good to disregard, 

For captions, blogs and emails…or your mate’s Christmas card.

Santa puns 

Puns as jolly as ol’ Saint Nick.

  • Santamental

  • A Claus for celebration

  • Claus and effect

  • Claus a scene

  • Claus-trophobic

  • Whatever soots you

  • Be-Claus

  • Santatiser

Elf puns 

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”.

  • Elf-aware

  • Treat yo’ elf!

  • Elf and safety

  • Take an elfie

  • Don’t be elfish

Snow puns

Wordplay Vanilla Ice would be proud of.

  • ​​Snow, thank you

  • Snow place like home

  • Snow what?

  • Takes one to snow one

  • It’s snow secret

  • For goodness flakes

  • Told you snow

  • Ice to meet you

  • On the (snow)ball

  • Icy what you did there

Christmas tree puns

Spruce up your content - wait, there’s another one…

  • Fir real

  • Tree-mendous

  • Chemis-tree

  • Fir-get it

  • Fir sure

Music and film Christmas puns 

Because we love a bit of pop culture…

  • I got my mind set on yule

  • All the jingle ladies

  • Say it ain’t snow

  • Rebel without a Claus

  • The Firminator

  • A message to you, Rud-olph

  • Have your elf a merry little Christmas 

  • Shake it like a pole-aroid picture

Dog Christmas puns 

…but not as much as we love dogs. 

  • Feliz navi-dog

  • Santa paws 

  • Happy howlidays

  • Dachshund through the snow

  • Bah hum-pug

Content Christmas puns

Because we’re content nerds.

  • SE-ho ho ho

  • Tree-word optimisation

  • Meta sleigh-ta

  • White (label) Christmas

Other Christmas puns

Because we couldn't think of a more creative category. Get off our backs - it’s Christmas. 

  • Oh, deer!

  • Be-yule-tiful

  • From head to mistletoe 

  • Sleigh what?

  • But wait, there’s myrrh 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the team here at Paragraft. Remember, we’re here all year round should you need a helping hand with your content creation - just drop us a line.

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