The Ultimate List of Business Blog Ideas: Blog Post Ideas For Brands Big & Small

Business Blog Ideas

You know your business needs a blog. You might even know why your business needs a blog. But knowing how to come up with creative and engaging business blog ideas is a whole other story.

Whether you’re a major player in your space looking to spruce up your content approach, or a content novice seeking blog post ideas for your small business, Paragraft is here to save the day.

We asked our content experts and creative wizards for 40 business blog ideas proven to help brands unlock the power of content marketing by engaging, entertaining and converting their audience.

So, whether you’re on the hunt for extra inspiration to scale up a blog strategy, a helping hand when planning your content calendar or some ideas to kick-start your brand’s blog content creation, we’ve got you covered.

The ultimate list of 40 business blog ideas

  1. A how-to post 

  2. A news report on the latest in your industry (newsjacking)

  3. A user guide for your product/service

  4. A pros and cons list

  5. Awareness day content 

  6. A case study

  7. An interview with a subject matter expert (SME)

  8. An interview with a brand ambassador 

  9. An employee profile 

  10. A brand story 

  11. A weekly roundup 

  12. A data-led/statistics-based piece 

  13. An entertaining/humorous post 

  14. A customer story 

  15. A history of your product/service, brand or industry

  16. A trend-inspired piece 

  17. A company update 

  18. An A-Z post

  19. An FAQs piece 

  20. A ‘day in the life’ feature 

  21. A thought leadership piece 

  22. A prediction piece 

  23. An exploration of your product range/services

  24. A behind-the-scenes piece

  25. A checklist or cheat sheet

  26. A keyword optimised post

  27. A controversial piece (disagree with a popular take or general opinion)

  28. A business roadmap 

  29. A quote list

  30. A brand values/philosophy-driven piece 

  31. An industry myth/misconception piece  

  32. A guest/third-party post

  33. A comparison piece 

  34. A seasonal piece (Christmas, Halloween, New Year…the list goes on!) 

  35. A resource/recommended reading list

  36. A reformatted piece 

  37. A customer interview 

  38. An upcycled piece 

  39. A user-generated piece 

  40. A series/cluster around one topic 

How to use these business blog ideas effectively

Coming up with purpose-driven blog post ideas for your brand can be tough without the right know-how. Luckily, here at Paragraft, we don’t mind sharing a secret or two. 

Blog posts play an integral role in a successful content marketing strategy, providing you always put your audience first. Picking the right blog post ideas to suit your readers, as well as your brand, is key to maximising the impact of your blog.

Sure, vary up your ideas and talking points - nobody enjoys reading stale and repetitive content. But always ensure your topics are driven by the wants, needs and expectations of your target audience. If you don’t, your blog strategy is likely to lack any real direction. 

Remain focused on using your blog as a marketing tool by publishing content that’s related to your business, industry and target audience. This will attract more visits and keep people coming back, driving the business goals you want to achieve.

Creating a powerful business blog post that attracts readers to your website, gains social shares and converts into viable leads isn’t going to happen overnight. With the right approach and a commitment to consistency, though, your business’s blog content can contribute to growing your business organically.

If this sounds like a lot of hard work, why not leave your content ideation and creation to the professionals? To learn more about how our convenient and cost-effective subscription packages can make blog content work for your brand, get in touch today.

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