6 Content Marketers Waking Up To Coal In Their Stocking This Christmas

6 Content Marketers Waking Up To Coal In Their Stocking This Christmas

If you’re a regular reader of the Paragraft blog, you’re no doubt on Santa’s nice list this year. 

After all, you’ve spent the past year unwrapping the gift of magical content tips, tricks and inspiration!

But believe it or not, not all content marketers have made the grade. While you’re busy having a wonderful Christmastime, some content creators will be waking up to coal in their stocking this year.

Why? Because they’re guilty of making content mistakes only Scrooge would be proud of.

That’s why, today, we’re naming and shaming those on the naughty list, explaining why we’re saying ‘bah humbug!’ to their content faux pas.

The keyword stuffer

Stuffing: appetising in a Boxing Day sandwich, off-putting in an optimised blog post.

As we’re about to enter 2022, many content marketers are still stuffing their blog posts and onsite content with keywords.

The message has even reached the North Pole by now: keyword stuffing won’t help your SEO.

Keyword stuffing does more harm than good, meaning keyword rankings will likely fall quicker than Santa down a chimney this Christmas.

Instead, always prioritise coherency and value over cramming in that extra keyword. Keyword placement should be strategic and seamless, not crammed and chaotic. 

The insensitive writer 

The content you produce should always resonate with the audience it’s created for. 

This means you should be looking to demonstrate consideration and empathy in your content with an awareness of your audience’s sensitivities and vulnerabilities.

Getting to know your audience in and out through comprehensive research is vital. This can be hard to pull off and you might not get it right every time - mistakes happen, and this won’t land you straight on the naughty list.

You will wake up with coal in your stocking should you create content that’s insensitive and exploitative, however. 

Today’s audiences are more attuned to authenticity than ever before, so ensure you’re always creating content for the right reasons - getting it wrong will make you look like a real Grinch.

The pushy seller

Value is always the first priority of your content creation…right? 

Apparently, some content creators still haven’t got the message - you pushy sellers are waking up to a stocking full of coal this Christmas.

To build long-lasting customer relationships, your content should look to funnel and nurture the reader by providing quality and value.

Those focused on pushing an in-your-face sales message are sure to undermine the expertise, authority and trustworthiness of your content.

Don’t be the overly vocal Uncle at Christmas dinner - not only will this turn away your customers, but it’ll damage your SEO, too.

The random poster

We can all get a bit chaotic from time to time (especially after a few mulled wines to the sound of The Pogues).

But if you take a similar approach to your content creation, you’ve likely landed yourself on the naughty list this year.

While there’s value in some schedule flexibility (especially in these times), implementing a robust content calendar boasts a sleigh’s worth of benefits for your strategy. 

From saving on time and resources in the long run to allowing for consistency and experimentation, content calendars ensure a more purposeful approach to your content. 

The no-directioner

On the topic of strategy, those without any direction to their approach may be offering cookies and milk to Krampus this year.

These offenders are often the ones who fail to track or measure their content - sitting back with your feet up once you’ve published your content means you’ve only done half a job.

Always track and measure your content’s progress to ensure a more strategic approach to content marketing.

Creators guilty of this should look to give yourselves the gift of shiny new analytics tools this Christmas.

Look to track the engagement metrics and (if relevant) organic visibility of every piece of content you create. This will help you understand what is and isn’t working for users and search engines, enabling you to tweak your strategy to reap greater rewards.

The one-timer 

If A Christmas Carol taught us anything, it’s that there’s value in revising the old. 

If you haven’t been embracing the spirit of The Ghost Of Christmas Past, you may be waking to a present-less stocking this year.

That’s because revisiting old content (and updating it with further information, fresh statistics and revived optimisation) can reveal a sackful of opportunities to re-engage your audience. 

Refreshing content helps it to go further without requiring the time and resources that come with creating a brand new piece. It also ensures you’re always offering readers the utmost value, regardless of how long they read it after publication.

This bolsters your brand authority and trust, helping to build stronger audience relationships - don’t be the one-timer who misses out.

Always look to champion the latest in content best practices to guarantee smiles on Christmas morning and keep your customers (and your brand) comfortably on the nice list all year round.

‘Tis the season to commit to content in 2022 and beyond. For a helping hand, get in touch with the content marketing experts at Paragraft today.

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