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Content Consistency: Why a Structured Strategy Yields Superior Results

Published by Tori Atkinson on
Content Consistency: Why a Structured Strategy Yields Superior Results

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you may have already come to realise that content now plays a more important role than ever when it comes to effectively marketing your business online and generating those all-important inbound leads.

However, it isn’t just about posting the odd blog from time to time on random topics that take your fancy. The modern world of content creation requires a far more structured approach, ensuring it continually satisfies your readers’ insatiable appetite for high-quality, informative content - all while paying attention to best practice SEO.

If you’re in any doubt about the value that consistency can bring to your content strategy, then let us enlighten you as we run through a number of reasons why a structured content marketing strategy that focuses on achieving pre-planned key objectives through frequent content creation is essential. 

Taking advantage of every opportunity to engage with your audience

Focusing on continuity with your content marketing strategy and taking a structured approach to writing, publishing and promoting your content will ensure you’re utilising every chance to connect with your target audience. 

While one or two blogs a month may give readers a better understanding of a specific topic, it’s likely that it won’t establish you as their go-to for all things related to your products, services or industry as a whole.

However, if you frequently publish relevant, engaging content on your blog that meets your readers’ needs, you’ll naturally be increasing the number of touch points you have with them on their online journey. The result will be that you’re at the forefront of their minds as a trusted and reliable online resource.

Documenting your strategy will give you better focus

Like so many things in life, writing something down and outlining your goals makes it far easier to keep track of your progress, both the successes and the failures. The same rule applies to content marketing. 

Creating a documented strategy for your content creation on what you want to achieve and how you plan to do this will all go towards maintaining a continued focus on your core objectives.

For your documented strategy to be effective and simple to execute, break it down into manageable chunks. From your overarching mission, down to audience profiles, topic focuses and content promotional methods, create clear, concise action points for each part of the marketing funnel that feed into your overall goal.

Gaining a full understanding of your audience will help you meet their needs

Whether your objectives are to drive more organic traffic, improve search rankings or hit a certain revenue target, your audience should always be at the heart of your content creation strategy.

Taking the time to drill down into who they are, what they want and the value your brand can give them is highly effective in making sure you’re constantly meeting their needs through relevant and timely content.

One way to do this is to create a knowledge bank that houses all your gathered data and insights on your readers’ profiles. This isn’t just helpful in terms of understanding them, but it can also make content creation simpler, as all the essential information you need to come up with relevant topic ideas is kept in one place.

Making use of editorial calendars aids content creation structure

Taking a methodical approach to content creation using an editorial calendar is a sure-fire way to improve your content creation processes. With the ability to quickly identify seasonal topics and potential gaps that need filling, editorial calendars provide essential structure, making content creation more efficient.

Editorial calendars can also be a valuable brainstorming tool, to ensure your content is timely and fits in with your audience’s needs at particular points of the year. It can also highlight strengths and weaknesses in your strategy such as underperforming posts or particular publishing times that perform better than others. This data can then be used to bolster content creation and distribution processes to deliver better results time and time again.

Whether you’re just starting to formulate your brand’s content creation strategy or looking to improve your existing approach, having a consistent and structured strategy is essential to optimising the full potential of your online content. 

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