Festive Flops of Christmas Past: 3 Content Mistakes to Avoid This Season

Festive Flops of Christmas Past: 3 Content Mistakes to Avoid This Season

Yep, it’s that time of year again.

But with Santa’s Grotto observing social distancing and the big man himself needing a negative Covid test to be permitted to fly, you’re forgiven if you’re not yet in that festive spirit.

But it’s time that changed.

With all of us feeling that little bit less ‘Christmassy’ this year, it’s arguably more important than ever that your festive content sleighs. That’s why, today, with the help of the ghost of content past, we’re showing you 3 examples of festive flops that need to be left in Santa’s workshop this holiday season.

Formal festivities

Look, let’s be honest - nobody is interested in downloading your ebook amidst the manic magic of Christmas preparations. And yes, that’s still the case regardless of how many Christmas references you try to throw in there.

Why? Because spirits are generally high throughout this period, meaning your content and tone should look to reflect this. Have some fun and get creative to better align your content with the mood of your audience, daring to take a few more risks and worrying less about your product relevance or lead generation.

Be sure to dial down your tone, too - relax and let the positivity flow through your content. To get this right, though, you can’t approach it half-heartedly. Much like that Lynx Africa set waiting under the tree from Auntie Jill, half-hearted content is the Christmas gift nobody wants to unwrap. So, embrace the holiday cheer through a personable tone, being sure to decorate your content tree with a sprinkle of seasonal vocabulary as you go.

Forgetting Christmas past

We don’t have to tell you that December is a busy period for businesses. With that in mind, creating, distributing and promoting festive content within the small window of relevance is no easy feat - leave it too late, and yule be sorry…

So, think ahead with this season’s festive content by creating reusable, recyclable angles, formats and ideas. For example, seasonal tips and advice rarely change in any dramatic way year to year, meaning you’re able to revisit old content and refresh with new ideas and timely references - providing that, the very next day, you haven’t thrown it away.

This will place less stress on resources come next Christmas, with your seasonal content plan being nice and easy to implement. This means more precious time to spend with the ones you hold dearest. Or, more likely, more time to spend running aimlessly around your local shopping centre the night before Christmas. Ah, the holidays…

Less slim pickings, more Charles Dickens

The above being said, generic festive content can quickly become old news. The same old ideas quickly become stale to audiences, meaning content variety is key to keeping them engaged. To do this successfully, think of narrative as the star atop your content tree.

Christmas is a sentimental time of year. Capitalise on the heightened emotions of readers by creatively crafting a festive narrative. Play on memories and the sentimental connotations of seeing family and friends, writing stories that strike a chord with your audience and make them feel closer to home.

Creating unique and entertaining narratives is snow easy feat (...) but, with the right know-how, your content is sure to be more pigs in blankets than brussel sprouts.

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s well and truly time to start packing your content stockings. For a helping hand, get in touch with the content experts at Paragraft - all we want for Christmas is (to hear from) you.