Future-Proofing Your Content: A Letter From Our Future Self

Future-Proofing Your Content: A Letter From Our Future Self

Dear Paragraft,

The year is 2032.

Bill Gates is yet to unveil his master plan for global mind control, UK businesses are still working their way through post-Brexit paperwork and it’s just a couple more months until lockdown is lifted.

Elsewhere, Apple developed some cutting-edge new tech that enables us to communicate with our past self. Yep, that’s right - it’s us.

So, we thought we’d take this opportunity to give ourselves some quick content lessons from the future.*

These are the skills, approaches and considerations you should be putting into practice in 2021 and beyond to ensure your content is suitably future-proofed to continue reaping the rewards in the weeks, months and years that lie ahead.

*We’re not allowed to tell you any future lottery numbers, but content marketing tips are the next best thing... right?

Beat the bots

AI has continued to rise at a rapid rate.

But rather than Skynet developing Terminators for world domination, we’ve seen publications develop AI bots for quicker content production. Good luck getting President Schwarzenegger to star in that movie!

But fear not, old self - all is far from lost.

While news articles and the like can now be generated at the click of a button, when it comes to the art of content marketing, we humans still hold that one all-important trump card: creativity.

Keep carving away at that niche and continue championing creativity in content.

Unique concepts and entertaining angles remain a sure-fire way of driving engagement and ensuring content stands out in an ever-growing crowd. As long as there are humans putting metaphorical pen to paper, there will always be innovative and entertaining ways to communicate key messages.

When it comes to the success of our content production, engagement reigns supreme to this day, so continue striving for innovation and uniqueness. As long as you do, users will keep coming back for more.

Old is new

Future-proofing content is all about one thing: longevity.

Now, we know what you’re thinking (‘cos we’ve been there) - how can we be sure that the topic we wrote about today will still be applicable to our future audience?

In short, unless we fill you with a decade’s worth of spoilers (and where’s the fun in that?), we can’t.

Enter content updates.

Begin putting regular content update processes into practice today to prep your content for the future. By that, we mean begin to develop the habit of regularly revisiting older posts with the intention of refreshing in line with the most current and relevant insights.

Even in 2032, this remains best practice for a reason - it ensures readers are always getting the most valuable content possible.

We’re yet to perfect forward time travel - although Musk’s DeLorean came pretty close - meaning reactivity is still key. So, why not begin mastering the art of content updates today?

Don’t forget about voice

In the world of tomorrow, keyboards and typing are old news - welcome to the ‘30s!

From home automation to web functionality, voice activation now reigns supreme in our everyday lives. So, when it comes to optimising your content for search, it pays to keep voice search optimisation at the forefront of your approach.

Where to start?

Well, when we search or command via voice, we tend to use fuller, more comprehensive phrasing than when searching by typing. ‘Cake recipe’ becomes ‘how do I make a cake?’, for example.

With this in mind, place a greater emphasis on long-tail keywords and question-based queries, being sure to include phrases with filler words such as ‘to’, ‘for’ and ‘of’ to align with the conversational, distinctly human phrasing that comes with voice search.

Elsewhere, consider restructuring your content where relevant to better target voice-activated searches. Something as simple as breaking content up into smaller, more digestible fragments can work wonders here.

We hope this message reaches you well. And remember: it’s always worth reminding readers that, if they need a helping hand priming their content for engagement in the past, present and future, we’re never more than a message away.

Sincerely yours,


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