Behind the Curtain: A Sneak Peek at Our Creative Process

Behind the Curtain: A Sneak Peek at Our Creative Process

Hello and welcome to Behind the Curtain, where we’re giving you exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Paragraft HQ by lifting the veil on our creative process.

Think of it like MTV’s Behind the Music, but, instead of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, it’s more research, blog posts and search engine optimisation. That’s just as exciting, right?

We’re going to assume you’ve answered yes and crack on…

So, without further ado, here’s the journey that every piece of original Paragraft content takes from conception to creation - a rags to riches story of how ideas come to life. Don your VIP pass and get your name checked off the list - this is access all areas.

The planning stage

Our behind-the-scenes tour starts in the planning stage.

Before we ever put pen to paper, we’ll work with our brief to agree on the most fitting content topic and format.

How? First, we’ll conduct research to establish the most popular talking points surrounding any given industry or topic, from common queries to hot trends. Then, using our team’s extensive library of content marketing knowledge, we’ll establish the most fitting content format and style, influenced by both the topic at hand and your end goals.

At this point, we can begin forming the skeleton of our content - what direction is the piece heading in, what will be the key talking points and what is the primary purpose of the piece?

We have the fundamentals of our song - the basic chords and melody. Now it’s time to add some instrumentation…

The research stage

The next stop on our tour is the research stage.

On your left, you’ll see one of our writers conducting topical research. This is achieved by immersing ourselves in your expertise and qualifying our content with expert competitive analysis.

On your right, you’ll see one of our writers conducting keyword research. Using a suite of industry-leading SEO tools, we can conduct thorough keyword analysis to best understand the most effective means of keyword optimisation, should the piece call for it.

As our topical knowledge grows, with the help of our client’s expertise and trusted external resources, our song develops - we have a beat, a bassline and a rhythmic accompaniment.

Now for some vocals and a killer guitar solo...

The creation stage

Welcome to the creation stage - this is where the magic happens.

Our hand-picked team of writers are masters of the English language, fusing compelling vocabulary with a targeted tone to tell your unique story in a creative and engaging way.

We’re playing our cards a little closer to our chest at this stage, though.*

*which reminds me - please note that photography is not permitted at this point in the tour.

Our writers utilise their content expertise to skillfully combine strategy with creativity, but we’re keeping this exact process a closely guarded secret. After all, you wouldn’t expect Colonel Sanders to disclose his secret blend of 7 herbs and spices, would you?

So, with a chart-topping tune created, there’s only one thing left to do. Time to take it to the mixing board...

The QA stage

Our final leg of our tour takes us to the QA stage.

Quality control is the foundation of our content writing service, so we’ll work with you on every piece of content until it's 100% fit for purpose.

Editing, expanding and fine-tuning, we’ll evaluate our content from a creative and strategic perspective to ensure we’re providing the utmost value and quality in each and every line.

In short, we’re not happy until you’re happy.

And so ends our behind-the-scenes tour of our creative process - thanks for coming. Remember: you can get in touch with Paragraft today to learn all about how we can help with your content marketing needs….and don’t forget to visit the gift shop on your way out.

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