5 Reasons You Should Be Outsourcing Your Content (2020)

5 Reasons You Should Be Outsourcing Your Content (2020)

Whether you’re an upcoming ecommerce business or an established software service company, if you’re looking to grow your business and keep up with your competitors, it pays to focus on content marketing.

It doesn’t matter if your business operates solely online or across different channels, putting the effort into producing high-quality content could be the key to unlocking your brand’s lead-generating potential - which ultimately means more sales. 

There’s no doubt that this requires a good deal of time, knowledge and capital if you’re looking to keep your content marketing in-house - however, there could be a better way. Today, we’re running through 5 reasons why using online content writing services could be a smart move for business growth.

1. It gives you more time to focus on other areas of the business

You may already understand that content can play a vital role in growing your brand, but creating high-quality, engaging content on a regular basis takes time to plan, write and promote. If you do this yourself, it typically results in either no content or it has to fit in around more pressing tasks as you don't have the time to give it your full attention.

This is where outsourcing your digital content writing can be a game changer. Without the time needed to create your own online content, you’ll have more free time to put into other areas of the business. This could be networking, focusing on other marketing strategies or streamlining daily operations - the main point is, by handing over content writing to an external company, you can have complete control over it without it adding to your workload. 

2. It helps you increase content creation without sacrificing quality 

To reap the rewards for your content marketing efforts, you should be publishing quality content on a regular basis. If you’re doing this yourself or have employed a content writer, there will be limits to what one person can do when it comes to researching, writing and publishing regularly.

However, choosing to use a content writing agency with multiple writers at their disposal, your only real limitation will be budget. This means you can increase the amount of content generation as and when you want, ensuring you’re frequently delivering high-value content to your site’s visitors. The flip side of this is that you can also decrease your content production during quieter periods, too. 3. It opens up your content to new ideas and expertise

As a business owner, CEO, marketing manager or even a marketing agency, you’ll have a unique and deep understanding of your brand and feel best placed to write the content yourself, particularly as content is a very personal thing. 

However, there are definite benefits to bringing outside talent into the mix. Having professional content writers on board can open up a whole new perspective when it comes to idea generation. With a skillset that thrives on research, attention to detail and impeccable writing, using the expertise of external writers could be just what your content needs to elevate it from good to outstanding.  This isn’t to say you can’t still use your own knowledge to come up with topic ideas. But, rather than limiting your content production to just one mind, implementing a collaborative process that makes the best use of yours and their expertise could be a far more powerful approach. 4. It works to bolster your overall SEO strategy Whether you’re familiar with search engine optimisation (SEO) or not, it’s not hard to grasp that a highly informative piece of content is worthless if no one knows where to find it. 

From onsite content and product descriptions to blog posts, in order for content to be valuable and driving traffic to your site, it needs to be ranking in search results - and the best way to achieve this is to ensure it’s fully-optimised and SEO-friendly. For the uninitiated this can be a daunting task and a steep - sometimes frustrating - learning curve, but for experienced content writers this is all part of their job. When you outsource your content writing, the writer will carry out the relevant topic and keyword research and delve into any particular semantic language that may be beneficial. The result is a masterful piece of content designed to help your site rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) - all while adding value to your readers.

5. It offers a more affordable and flexible way to create content

Cost is inevitably a huge factor when it comes to deciding if outsourcing is the right option for your business. However, the reality is that in most situations, hiring outside of your company in favour of employing someone on a full-time salary is a more cost-effective and flexible solution. 

For instance, if you employ a full-time content writer, you’ll pay their salary as well as other expenses such as IT equipment, other associated overheads and employee benefits. Add in the fact they may have other priorities within their role that could affect content deadlines and you’ll soon find it's not delivering the best possible ROI. 

In contrast, using an outsourced content writing service, you pay a fixed fee for the content you ordered with a set deadline - ensuring it arrives on time. It also affords you more flexibility to change your content marketing budget and resources to suit your business’s needs at any given time.

As more and more emphasis is being placed on high-quality content as an effective means to gain better online visibility and subsequently more leads, prioritising your content marketing should definitely be on your agenda. 

However, if you don’t have the expertise to make this happen, you always have the option to outsource - and Paragraft is always on hand to help. Get in touch with our team of highly skilled digital content writers today and discover how we can make outsourcing content work better for your business both now and in the future.