So You've Got A Killer Blog Post...Now What?

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So, you’ve finally put your brand’s name to a killer piece of blog content, whether you’ve crafted it yourself (no doubt using our super-awesome content writing tips) or outsourced it to expert content creators (y’know, like us!).

Most business owners and marketers understand the basic value of blog content - it’s why 92% create blog posts as part of their content strategy.

But while you might know why you need blog content, business owners and marketing managers can often fall short when it comes to knowing how to use this blog content effectively.

No matter how good your blog posts are, without knowing how to use them to drive your business objectives, your blog content can lack purpose and power.

In today’s post, we’re showing you how you can really unlock the power of content marketing, taking the right steps to ensure your blog posts go further.

Promote it

Promoting your blog posts is Content Marketing 101 - after all, how do you expect your audience to engage with and act on your content if they don’t know it exists?

Of course, social platforms are the instant go-to for many digital marketers, and this can often be the right shout.

Promoting your blog content means going further than just tweeting a link, though.

First, you need to make sure you’re picking the right channels. Note the use of the plural here - it’s impossible to reach your entire audience via just one platform.

With this in mind, ensure you’ve conducted sufficient research to know where your audience is and how they interact on the relevant platform.

Tailor how you promote your blog content on socials based on what’s likely to drive the most engagement. Pair eye-catching imagery with compelling captions and previews to capture and entice your audience.

That’s not to say socials are the only place to promote your blog content, mind - far from it! Instead, look to capitalise on any relevant opportunity you have to highlight your content to your community.

For example, if you’re regularly in contact with your customers via email, be sure to shout about your latest blog post in your next update.

Alternatively, if you’ve created bottom-of-the-funnel blog content aimed at overcoming common conversion hurdles and pain points, make sure this is accessible in the right place and at the right time - consider linking from relevant product or service pages, for example.

On the topic of linking, internal linking is a massively understated yet invaluable promotion tool you should be looking to exploit.

Create pillar content and link to relevant posts throughout to create cohesive content hubs that promote the right blog posts to your audience at the right stage of their journey for a more purposeful content strategy and measurably improved results.

Reformat it

As you’ve probably already noticed, here at Paragraft, we love a good blog post - it’s our specialty.

It’s not the only type of content out there, though, and definitely not the only type of content you should be creating.

But many lack the creativity, time and resources needed to implement a multi-pronged content strategy. This means many businesses stick to churning out blog content… and that’s it.

But multi-format content marketing doesn’t actually require an ever-growing library of new ideas. In fact, content marketing strategies based on this misconception are likely to be incredibly inefficient.

Instead, look to reformat your blog content to engage a wider audience and create a flurry of new content types from a single idea.

Created a finger-on-the-pulse industry dive featuring fresh statistics? Reformat those stats into a shareworthy infographic. Published numerous blog posts around a single core idea? Curate a handy ebook and leverage it to capture leads. Written a post tackling a popular topic or common pain point? Use it as inspiration for a script and spin your blog post into super-engaging video content.

There are countless ways to help your blog posts go further. With a little expertise and creative thinking, they can contribute to a thriving multimedia content hub that resonates with users of all learning styles and content preferences.

Place it

Remember: your blog post doesn’t necessarily have to be hosted on your business’s site.

While there are obvious benefits to publishing your high-quality content on your own website or platform, there are also a handful of convincing reasons to place it on a third-party site or publication.

Allow us to explain.

First, the SEO benefits. Providing you’re able to embed a natural do-follow link back to your site within your blog content, offering it up as a guest post to a relevant and reputable third-party site can help to bolster your SEO performance.

That’s because Google views links from relevant sites with strong metrics as trust indicators - the more trusted links you pick up, the stronger your chances of performing well in SERPs.

Placing your blog content on a third-party site doesn’t only have a positive impact on your site’s search metrics, either - it can also work wonders in asserting brand authority and improving brand recognition.

Start by identifying the leading publications in your space. Where are your audiences forming opinions, where are they participating in conversations and what are their go-to resources for news and updates?

Offering these relevant blogs your unique insights, opinions and expertise is a powerful way of propelling your brand to the very forefront of its sector. As long as you’re offering high-quality content, this approach can turn your blog posts into genuine sales drivers that strengthen consumer trust, build brand recognition and establish your business as a household name.

Blog posts can be invaluable assets to B2B and B2C businesses when used strategically - it’s all about knowing when, where and how to use them to drive your marketing objectives. As long as the quality is sky-high, your blog content can be utilised in a variety of ways to great success - you just need to know what works for your brand and for your audience.

If your business is in need of a helping hand with its blog content creation, why not leave it to the experts? Get in touch with Paragraft today to learn how we can help with your brand’s creative heavy lifting.

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